Buyers Agent, to find a good one, ask a selling agent


More and more people are deciding to engage expert help from buyers agents when it comes to buying real estate.  It certainly makes sense since property is one of the most complex and expensive things most people will ever buy.  Our role as buyers agent is a complex one, with many variables to take into account and many stakeholders.

There needs to be mutual respect and a good flow of information. As a buyers agent we need a selling agent to regard us highly enough to let us know of off-market and future listings. We want them to be prepared to negotiate with us and, if possible, give us an edge over unrepresented buyers. On the other side of the coin, selling agents often know which buyers agents are savvy in their property selection and which ones are tough negotiators versus those that give their client’s money away.

I encourage you to speak to the selling agents who are active in the area in which you would like to buy. Whatever they say will probably be unprepared and, I hope, illuminating.

Some questions you might like to ask are:

  1. Do you find many buyers agents operating in your area?
  2. Who do you come across a lot?
  3. What do you think about the sort of property they go for?
  4. What do you think about the price they pay?
  5. Would you recommend them?

We also recommend that you quiz any buyers agent you are considering and ask to speak to some of their past clients.

Here are a couple of questionnaires that will help:

Questionnaire 1: Questions-to-ask-when-interviewing-potential-buyers-agents

Questionnaire 2: Questions to ask past clients of real estate buying agents



First published:- 23 Sept, 2015



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