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Guide to the Tricky Business of Property and Tax for Aussies Living Overseas

Over the years we have helped many expats buy property in Sydney, either for investment or as a future home. Most of our clients never planned to move away from Australia permanently and they often worried about being left behind financially if they didn’t own a property in Sydney. Without having a set date for […]

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How to choose a good buyers agent: 11 questions to ask

There’s been a bit of press of late about the rise and rise of buyers agents. In fact, I’ve been asked for comment for numerous stories on the topic over the past few months. Of course, given the heat in the property market over these last few years, it should come as no surprise that […]

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How to find & buy an off market house

Last year was another tough one for Sydney property buyers, and many came to the conclusion that the only way to crack the market was to find out where the “off market” listings were hiding. And it was an interesting year because we noticed a marked rise in the number of properties being offered for […]

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Is free advice from a buyers agent worth it?

There are a bunch of selling agents out there starting to call themselves buyers agents. They say that they can help buyers for free – even if the property you want to buy isn’t listed by their agency. How can they do this? Is engaging a buyers agent worth it if you can get the […]

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Are buyers agents worth the money? What you need to know.

Last week an article appeared in the Australian Financial Review* called “Home Buyers Agents: What You Need To Know” and it made a lot of good points. Fundamentally, the article is questioning: are buyers agents worth the money? I felt there was more that needed to be said to help readers make informed decisions. The article starts […]

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What Numbers are Important for Property Investors to Know?

We come across people all the time who are “doing their numbers” about property investments.  So many people use this term, but what does it actually mean?  It turns out that the “numbers” mean different things to different people. For some people it simply means affordability. Whether they can meet their loan repayments, fund any […]

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How to make sure you don’t buy within cooee of a noisy pub

Most people would automatically think that living near a pub would be a bad thing. But not all pubs are created equal and in some suburbs they are hard to avoid. Local suburban pubs and clubs can be enormous with multiple bars and restaurants for every taste. They host live bands and have the kids […]

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How to buy quality and avoid having a lemon in your property portfolio.

  A wise man once said….”It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.” That wise man was Warren Buffett, and if anyone can give investment advice, he can.  The same principle applies to buying property, a quality property.  Many of our clients come to […]

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