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Bidding at auction – Is it best to have somebody else bid on your behalf?

Bidding at auction, particularly real estate auctions, can be terrifying, especially if you have your heart set on buying the property. Even worse in a hot market when prices are rising almost on a daily basis. Many buyers, left to their own devices get scared off by aggressive bidders and stop bidding prematurely. Many others […]

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Six tips to overcome auction jitters

Some buyers fear auctions so much that they never look at a property unless it has an asking price. Unfortunately, though, avoiding auctions in some areas means you are limited to the dregs as all the quality property is marketed that way. The only way to reduce your chances of either missing out or paying […]

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Interesting auction bidding tactics – do they work?

Sydney dinner party conversations often drift to auction bidding tactics. There are many common tricks such as waiting until the property is “on the market” before bidding, but they are all a bit predictable. Time to get more creative! For instance, it might seem insane to bid against yourself at auction, but what makes it […]

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