Amanda & Paul, Frenchs Forest

We engaged Veronica to assist us in the negotiation for the purchase of our dream home. The home was exactly what we wanted and had been searching for many years.

While we were very emotional about the house we still had to remain in budget and knew that to get it at a price we could afford, we would need experience and guidance and a steadying influence to keep us on track. We needed someone to help us buy with our head as well as our hearts.

Veronica gave us excellent and timely advice; she was confident, level headed and practical giving us options and scenarios that we had not previously considered. She was prompt in her replies to our questions (even when she had to explain it again and again!) and a pleasure to deal with. Her detailed knowledge of the contract exchange process proved invaluable in securing our home.

I would highly recommend Veronica, with such a critical investment, seeking professional advice was the best thing we did and it helped us secure our dream house. Thank you so much Veronica.

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