Danielle & Leonore, Summer Hill

If you asked me the question, ‘Would I use Good Deeds again?’ my answer would be YES without hesitation.

The Good Deeds team understood our needs, searched for a house, made recommendations and helped us navigate through the buying process in a way that made us feel comfortable about our decisions. They were knowledgeable, lovely, on the ball, proactive and knew how and when to deliver good and bad news to us. We bought a fantastic house for our family within 5 weeks.

Good Deeds saved us a whole lot of money (on the price of the house and because they got us into the market much faster than we would’ve done ourselves). They also saved us a lot of time and stress because we didn’t have to drag our young kids all over the Inner West to go to open homes.

Yes we’d use Good Deeds again and Yes we’d recommend the Good Deeds team to anyone considering their services.

They provide an outstanding service and kept us smiling from brief to purchase.


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