David & Danielle, Glebe

Good Deeds saved us more than their fees. I know this because I came up with a hypothetical figure in my head that I would have bid for the house we bought based on what I knew up until that point and what the vendor’s agent was telling us. I thought it was a conservative and cunning figure and then Good Deeds went in and secured it $30,000 cheaper!

That said, we have received far, far more value from Good Deeds than this. Firstly, there is simply the different way sellers’ agents approach it when they see Veronica walk through the door with you. They were wonderfully patient in the process of distilling what we actually wanted and where we wanted to live; they never rushed us or pressured us as we did this. Having a neutral eye when going through houses was quite eye-opening as they spotted issues that we had missed, but you know that other future buyers probably wouldn’t. They also talked us (especially me) out of a fantasy build in a cheaper suburb with some sober analysis pointing out the risk of over-capitalising.

In the end, we got a house that is going to be a wonderful family home in the suburb we love at a very good price. I shudder to think what we may have done had Good Deeds not been there.

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