Gillian & Gavin, Lilyfield

We really must say a massive thank you to your whole team. The entire experience has been a delight.

It goes without saying that Michelle is pretty darn fabulous, and we are truly so appreciative! And we certainly acknowledge the behind-the-scenes work Veronica did to make this happen for us.

We are still in shock that we bought a beautiful house before auction, and for far less than we otherwise would have forked out. We truly cannot thank Good Deeds enough. I was really worried that we were going to be out of the market for 12 months and just unsettled. We can now move in and set up before baby number 3 arrives. As a guy, you often want to fix things and in this situation I surrendered that over to you guys and you smashed it out of the park for us.

So I want to say thanks. The relief we feel is unbelievable – and we cannot wait to settle and move into our awesome new abode!

We’ve been singing your praises, and will be recommending you to absolutely everyone!

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