Jen & Peter, Queens Park

Good Deeds were undoubtedly the edge in our property purchase. Our buyers agent, was an instant ally. Recent purchases Queens ParkShe pushed us when we needed to be pushed (property experts that we are), never telling us only what we wanted to hear. With my husband overseas on ‘d day’ and two little toddlers to look after, They were absolutely invaluable in ensuring we could act when we needed to.

From going to our bank, dealing with our lawyers, striking up an instant rapport with the real estate agent and also accurately reading the sensitivities of the vendor. She also ran a hotline for my queries. Good Deed’s preferred property inspector was a real life James Bond with invaluable insights and sublime integrity when approached by rival bidders for a copy of our building report.

We have our dream home at a price we think is fair in a very competitive market. How did that happen? Good Deeds

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