Penny, Randwick

Living in Tasmania and buying in Sydney meant that we had two issues to overcome: time & motion and the price differential. These were coupled with usual stresses of property purchasing: years of looking then balking when crunch time arrived and generally losing patience, wisdom and common sense. And then there was the issue of housing our son and sky rocketing rent in Sydney.

Enter Good Deeds. During the process several family members dealt variously with Veronica and the team. All were professional as well as having a personable approach. We felt connected with a common sense of purpose. All three were forthcoming with advice and support. As a result a vast amount of knowledge was acquired on the steep trajectory.

Good Deeds helped us stay on track and ultimately arrive at a successful outcome.  They were especially invaluable in the negotiation stage and we are very happy with the apartment, especially its location.

The expensive outlay was balanced out by: reduced travelling back and forth, selection of appropriate properties to view, input as to the right place for us when we felt confused and anxious, professional negotiation when in competition with other potential buyer and confidence at crunch time.


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