Stephen & Karen

When Karen (my wife) suggested we get Good Deeds involved with our purchase, I was interested but skeptical! The reality of the situation was somewhat different and the service that they provided was exceptional.

Their analytical approach to valuing the property gave us the confidence we were lacking, and the benchmarking process against numerous local properties demonstrated their local knowledge.

On the day, Veronica’s assertive style during the auction proved invaluable and secured the deal for us with minimum stress (for us at least!).

Finding and securing a property at a reasonable price is hard work. When you are a buyer, you’re on your own, and you’re dealing with professional agents who are representing the vendor (not you). We found that having a safe pair of hands to help us through the process was fantastic.

I wouldn’t even consider buying a house without a buyers agent again, and I would absolutely recommend Good Deeds. Thanks again – Fantastic work

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