We used Good Deeds in our recent purchase and are totally delighted with the successful outcome. Their honesty and realistic price guidance was refreshing. Michelle’s auction bidding skills were impressive and removed the pressure from us.

Russell & Paula, Balmain

Dear Dean,
Thank you so much for your hard work and negotiating skills in obtaining the house for me.  You stopped me from rushing in and offering too much money and ensured I paid a fair price for the house I had my heart set on.
I’m very glad I used Good Deeds to do the due diligence and negotiating for the purchase of this house.  It saved me a great deal of time and stress and facilitated the whole negotiating process which meant I could buy before auction.
By using Good Deeds as my buyer’s agent I was able to buy the house I wanted prior to auction at a fair price. They took the stress and worry out of the whole process.

Sue, Balmain

We left a unique, quirky home in the UK. We lived on a houseboat on the Thames which we loved to come and live near our grandchildren. Rachael and Veronica helped us find another quirky home here in Sydney – we now live in the canopy over Tunks Park. Without the help of Good Deeds we would still be floundering. The time and energy Rachael and Veronica gave to us made us feel we were their only clients. The advice given both in finding our new home and in the transaction period was worth every cent paid.

Annie & Graham, Northbridge
Thanks again! It’s a great place and a great result. Thank you both for everything: the research, the running around, the insight and the thoughtful advice, for keeping me on track and asking me the right questions. For rescuing this property from my reject pile! And to top it off, for the most entertaining auction ever. Veronica I love the way you took over control of the pace of it, really masterful, and really fun to watch.
Andrew, Leichhardt
Marie and I really enjoyed our experience working with you and Rachael and are so excited about the property that we’ve purchased…
After nearly two years of trying to find a property we engaged Good Deeds to help us with our search. We had specific criteria in that we needed in-law accommodation in addition to a house. Rachael and Veronica were terrific, they had a very structured approach which allowed us to get our weekends back and only see properties that met our criteria. When we finally found the right place the negotiation and dealings with the agent were all handled for us which was great as the vendor was in London and we were negotiating pre auction. We can’t thank Rachael enough for her hard work, persistence and friendship. It’s been a pleasure dealing with the whole team at Good Deeds.
Marie & Andrew, West Pymble

Thank goodness for Veronica and her team…They secured a fabulous townhouse for us when it seemed that our dream to move to the inner west was about to fade. Having been out of the real estate market for over 36 years, we needed help. Good Deeds didn’t let us down! As Rachael set off to make a bid for the property we had our hearts set on, we had every confidence she would succeed. It was like she was our John Wayne heading off to a showdown at Dodge City.  John Wayne always came out on top!  We absolutely recommend Good Deeds to anyone wishing to buy in the Inner City area

Fay & David, Leichardt

From a difficult “West Connex” situation, Good Deeds and Michelle in particular has turned what has been a pretty harrowing 8 month period into one that holds good for the future after tracking down and assisting us to purchase a house we probably believed we could never own in Sydneys Inner West.

Michelle was an absolute delight to work with throughout the process. Her professionalism, knowledge of the local market and upbeat, supportive approach has made the journey a lot less stressful than we could have imagined. To know that she and Good Deeds were “in our corner” all the way to auction was very reassuring.

We can thoroughly recommend Good Deeds to anyone who is time short or just new to a particular area and who wants solid, honest advice.

It’s been great knowing you guys, thank you once again for all your help.

Doug & Trudie, Balmain

It’s great having someone to do the house inspections (it can free up your Saturdays!) as well as the due diligence and they had excellent recommendations for all the other services you need. For me, a really big difference was the accurate pricing of the property. It’s so different to RP data or what the real estate agent says. Having the accurate property pricing allowed us to think about what we would pay for the property a week before the auction and to work out what it was worth to us. Our property went for our maximum bid which was exactly what it was priced at. Whilst it was a bit daunting, it made be feel confident we had paid a fair price. It also helped that Michelle was amazing at the auction. Even the real estate agent was impressed.

The best part is, we had bought in 3 months after signing up with Good Deeds. Prices go up quickly in Sydney’s Inner West. I hate to think where we would have ended up if we did it ourselves. We would probably still be spending every Saturday inspecting house, while prices would have gone up $60-100k. Getting Good Deed’s onboard has definitely saved us money (and our sanity). We now have a great family home as well as a good investment.

Jen and Gareth, Ashfield

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