How to Master Auctions and Buy Like a Pro

FREE e-book download - Veronica Morgan (co-host of Location Location Location Australia) shares her guide to auction success.

If you are buying real estate in Sydney or Melbourne, chances are that you will find yourself bidding at auction at least once.

Most property buyers hate auctions and for good reason. The odds are stacked against you being successful.
  • – The sales agent holds all the information about other buyers and the vendor
  • – Auction price guides are hard to interpret
  • – There are usually other buyers to compete with you
  • – The auctioneer knows how to control the bidders
  • – Your own emotions are likely to get in the way and cause you to pay too much or not bid when you should
This eBook shows you, step by step, how to navigate the auction process. You’ll find out:
– How to handle agents
– How to decide what to pay
– Whether to make a pre-auction offer
– Some clever bidding tactics

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