Making an offer before auction

Here is a little-known fact about auction price quoting and making an offer before auction.  Apart from rare situations where the vendor has instructed the selling agent not to entertain pre-auction offers, there is a very compelling reason for agents to discourage making an offer before auction. If an offer is rejected, they have to increase their quoted price expectation!! And they do not want to do this for fear of not being able to build interest and create a competitive auction.

To give you an example, an agent is quoting a property at “over $900,000”. You make an offer of $950,000, which the vendor rejects. The agent now needs to increase their quoting to reflect the fact that the vendor will not accept anything up to and including $950,000. Perhaps that will turn other buyers off, so don’t be deterred for making an offer before auction.

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Published:-   24 Sept 2009


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