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We love Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs surprisingly wide array of real estate. You’ll find Sydney’s most expensive homes there and you’ll also find the tiniest studio apartments. 

Nearly every suburb in Sydney’s east showcases incredible views of either Sydney Harbour or beaches & coastline. But you don’t have to buy a room with a view to get the most out of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. The lifestyle it offers and the long term capital growth prospects are both excellent, which is why these suburbs are so attractive for both owner occupiers and investors.

Parents in Sydney are pretty obsessed with getting their kids into their chosen private school, so the Eastern Suburbs is a big drawcard for young families. A lot of our clients want to establish themselves in the right location before their kids start high school. But this is not the only type of buyer interested in living in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, we help a lot of professionals as well as empty nesters.

It’s a very competitive market and the auctions can be ferocious. This is where we shine – we know how to give you a competitive edge in an auction campaign. This is
experience that counts.

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