Storage: an essential thing to look for in a property

If you have read my blog about the 9 things to look for in a property, you may have notice something was missing from the list: storage!!

There are basic storage requirements that everybody has and by making sure these have been catered for you will not only increase your rental return but make your property more attractive to prospective buyers further down the track if and when you go to sell it.

Built-in wardrobes and a linen press are the most obvious things to look for.  And if they don’t exist, make sure the relevant rooms that have enough space to install them.

Kitchens are an area where a lack of storage space can really affect how comfortably you can live in a place. Avoid a kitchen that is too small, particularly in a family home.

And on the subject of family homes, make sure there is enough space to hide both indoor and outdoor toys.  No adult wants to live in a fun park.

Most people have some bulky, infrequently used items to store like luggage and winter bedding. These could be stashed in a converted attic or under the stairs, so if these spaces exist but have not yet been utilised as storage, here is a simple way to add value to the property.

So many times we see people need to upgrade their homes because they accumulate too much stuff.  Or because they have taken up a new sport or hobby and have nowhere to put all the equipment.  It stands to reason then that those properties with more storage will appeal to more tenants and buyers than those with less.

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First published:-  16 March 2016

DISCLAIMER: Good Deeds buyers tips are intended to be of a general nature. Please contact us for advice that is specific to your individual circumstances. You may also need to get advice from other professionals such as an accountant, mortgage broker, financial planner or solicitor.

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