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How do you make a pre auction offer?

A lot of buyers are really scared about going to auction because they fear being outbid or they’re just daunted by the prospect of performing in public. Now because of this, a lot want to make an offer prior to auction. They think this is the best way to go about it. So, how do […]

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How to decide when to make an offer before auction

Property buyers tend not to like auctions because they fear being outbid or they are daunted by the thought of having to perform in public. Often people prefer to try to make an offer before auction. But is this always the best strategy for a buyer? Here’s a sign to look for: if the sales […]

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What’s the best way to handle auctions?

We speak to so many buyers about auctions – most hate them – and there’s a myriad of opinions on how to best handle them. When bidding for our clients we take into account many variables including who the auctioneer is, who the selling agent is and how clever they are at auction negotiations, how […]

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Real estate auction bidding tactics: 5 people most likely to bid big

I have been to hundreds of auctions in my time and find it fascinating to watch real estate auction bidding tactics. Auctions can be stressful for everyone involved and often buyers surprise themselves: either by bidding more or less than they thought they would. Some buyers register for auctions and never even end up bidding […]

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How to decode auction price guides to get a competitive edge

Auction underquoting has been a hot topic of conversation in real estate circles in NSW and Victoria recently, with changes to the law and public crackdowns on some high profile agents. Auction price guides have always caused stress with buyers for a number of reasons, largely because they don’t know how to properly interpret them. As buyers […]

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Guide to understanding real estate auction underquoting laws

Will the new auction quoting laws change anything in NSW? The NSW government’s new year’s resolution for real estate agents and quoting laws for 2016 was to make them all quote realistic auction price guides. Isn’t this great news? Real estate auction underquoting has driven buyers crazy for years. If all goes to plan, buyers will now […]

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Bidding at auction – Is it best to have somebody else bid on your behalf?

Bidding at auction, particularly real estate auctions, can be terrifying, especially if you have your heart set on buying the property. Even worse in a hot market when prices are rising almost on a daily basis. Many buyers, left to their own devices get scared off by aggressive bidders and stop bidding prematurely. Many others […]

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Six tips to overcome auction jitters

Some buyers fear auctions so much that they never look at a property unless it has an asking price. Unfortunately, though, avoiding auctions in some areas means you are limited to the dregs as all the quality property is marketed that way. The only way to reduce your chances of either missing out or paying […]

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