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When is Underquoting BULL$**%?

No buyers like underquoting! There is a certain level of underquoting that we expect, and then there’s UNDERQUOTING. There are some agents who will deliberately underquote throughout a campaign, avoid ANY attempts to increase their price guide and resist ANY efforts to provide meaningful guidance to buyers. Here’s an example. A beautifully renovated home in […]

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How and where to find off market property

It’s been tough for Sydney property buyers in recent years, and many came to the conclusion that the only way to crack the market was to discover how to find off-market property and uncover the “secret” listings source that everybody “in the know” seems to have tapped into. And it was an interesting year because […]

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Are YOU vulnerable to rising interest rates?

Are YOU vulnerable to Rising Interest Rates? The idea of rising interest rates scares people. Let’s face it, nobody wants to be paying more per month to own their home, especially if they’ve bought a property recently because prices have been on the up. What’s been bothering me is the borderline hysteria that’s been in […]

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Is your buyer’s agent ripping you off?

Buyer’s agents are not all created equal! Buyer’s agents, like in any industry, are a mixed bag. You’re gonna get some great ones. You’ll get a lot of mediocre ones and you’ll get a few shit ones! But do buyer’s agents save you money and is a buyer’s agent worth it?  How to tell a […]

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Will All Bridesmaid Suburbs Eventually Become Brides?

Will All Bridesmaid Suburbs Eventually Become Brides? One of the things to think about when it comes to premium areas and their growth is that there’s no actual finish line. Balmain, for example, is a premium suburb and it reaches the million-dollar threshold first and then it stops and everything else has to catch up […]

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Is Property a Good Investment for Everyone?

This may be a little controversial, but I don’t actually think that property is a good investment for everyone. I know that may sound a bit weird coming from me, after all, I’m a real estate agent, a buyer’s agent, and a property expert, but the fact is, investing in property is risky. However, there […]

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How to estimate property value in a changing market

There is a two step process that I encourage everybody to use when they are figuring out how to estimate property value. Most buyers stop at step one – if they even get that far! However, step two is critical in a changing market, whether prices are going up or down. Get these two steps […]

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How do I find a good buyer’s agent?

When the property market is hot, buyers look for an edge and one very logical edge is to get a buyer’s agent on their side. It’s understandable and, in many cases, a great idea. But not always… So, you may well ask, how do I find a good buyer’s agent? I’ve long been an advocate […]

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