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How to avoid selling the wrong property even though it feels right

Should I sell my investment property now the boom is over? This post was originally written back in 2018 and the thought process outlined below is relevant for today. Over 2021 we experienced such unprecedented price growth, even in traditionally slow markets, and many investors are now wondering whether it’s time to cash in. Back […]

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Loss of CGT Main Residence Exemption for Foreign Residents

Michael Ferella, Director of Momenta Advisors, provides an overview of the loss of Capital Gains Tax Main Residence Exemption for Foreign Residents.  What are the changes? There are special capital gains tax (CGT) rules you need to know if you’re a foreign resident for tax purposes. The government had previously announced a measure to remove […]

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Should you sell or hold investment property?

When headlines are negative and talk is all about falling property prices, investors get very nervous and start thinking about selling. And sometimes it’s a good idea to cut your losses. But before deciding whether to sell or hold investment property it’s a good idea to rewind a bit and look at your original goals. […]

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Can I find property bargains that aren’t duds?

Is there a secret way to find property bargains? It’s been said that you make money when you buy, therefore you should try to buy as low as possible, right? It seems logical, but you should never sacrifice investment fundamentals in order to buy a bargain. Here’s why: Poor quality property drops the most in […]

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Labor’s negative gearing changes & why they won’t achieve what’s promised.

I’m biased, of course, but I do have some serious concerns about Labor’s negative gearing changes. We love to find a culprit for why our kids can’t afford to buy a home. First, we blamed Chinese investors, then SMSF investors, now it’s “the wealthy”, or what I call “attack the fat cat”. It’s a highly […]

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Capital growth or yield? Which will make you rich?

Property experts are constantly debating whether capital growth or yield is the holy grail. Spoiler alert: I am a firm believer in QUALITY property, not quantity and capital growth is always my primary objective. I really don’t see the point in building a portfolio of properties that deliver high rents yet fail to grow in […]

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Is your first home or investment property really your most important property purchase?

I recently heard a story about a young couple who saved like mad so they could buy their first home. They were buying in Sydney and prices were rising rapidly (this was back in 2016) and they despaired that they’d never be able to save enough to keep up with rising prices.  A solution presented […]

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Does a slowing market mean time to buy?

Property market slowing down! Isn’t this what we’ve all been waiting for? The headlines are all doom and gloom. We’ve been here before, you know. Back in December 2008 we couldn’t pay people to take the plunge and buy property. The GFC had just hit and there was extreme uncertainty in the market. Then the […]

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