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Can I buy another house before I sell mine?

So many people come to us and ask ‘can I buy another house before I sell mine?’ Well, there is one fundamental rule that I apply when deciding if you can buy before you sell. But, before we get to that rule, there’s two things you need to find out first. The first thing you […]

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How to decide when to make an offer before auction

Property buyers tend not to like auctions because they fear being outbid or they are daunted by the thought of having to perform in public. Often people prefer to try to make an offer before auction. But is this always the best strategy for a buyer? Here’s a sign to look for: if the sales […]

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When Is The Best Time To Buy A Property And Stop Looking?

There are so many things to consider when buying property, not the least being when to take action. Property buyers are often faced with the dilemma of deciding when the best time to buy is: when to call it a day on their search and make an offer. The fundamental question they ask themselves is: […]

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When should you make an offer on a property?

You’ve found the house of your dreams, you want to buy it, the agent seems receptive, you make an offer… And then nothing happens. You are in the dark and getting frustrated. Is your offer accepted or not? Has the agent even given it to the vendor? Are they using it to get another buyer […]

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Making an offer: the sure fire way to avoid being gazumped

In a competitive property market, often buyers find themselves either trying to gazump or being gazumped. And with many people, the moral code is that gazumping is fine if you are the one doing the gazumping but unethical if you are the losing party! In NSW, if you have had an offer accepted on a […]

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How do you handle a “Sealed Bid” Scenario?

  When there is a lot of interest in a property it is not uncommon for the sales agent to call for “best and final” offers.  This is usually a “Sealed Bid” scenario.   The downside is that it is “sudden death”, the upside is that offers don’t get shopped around to all buyers. It’s […]

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How to win a real estate negotiation – Why “Win Win” is so important

How to win a real estate negotiation. It is crucial when negotiating to understand the concept of win-win. This means that both parties come away from the negotiating table with the feeling that they have achieved something. If a deal is struck, the buyer gets to buy the property, which is an obvious win for them. […]

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What type of property buyer are you?

A sellers market often polarizes buyers. We often come across those who are fixated on prices as they were 6 months ago and will never pay market value. And the market keeps moving and they keep getting left behind. The other end of the continuum is the buyer who panics and pays far too much […]

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