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Did Sydney’s property market really slow down at the end of 2014?

If you believe what you read in the media it did.  If you take notice of auction clearance rates you will certainly think it did and if you listen to some selling agents it did (and certainly some suburbs seemed to slow compared to others). The thing is, statistics are useful in many instances BUT […]

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Is the property market in a growth phase or is this just a spike?

Traditionally in the new year we see property prices increase on average 2-5% from the pricing we did before Christmas. We have ascertained that it’s created by a combination of factors: the downtime of holidays, sunny weather and general good cheer that get people thinking. On top of that, one of the most sought after […]

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Is now the time to buy an investment property?

I have often observed that when it comes to buying property, people are sheep. We seek solace in the fact that other people are doing the same thing that we are. We feel that it takes the risk out of an otherwise risky scenario. So at the moment, with buyer confidence on a high note, […]

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Is there an SMSF fuelled property bubble?

Recently a client asked me whether I would personally invest in property at the moment given the negative publicity about a property bubble and investors inflating prices – particularly given the current trend of people buying property with their self managed super funds (SMSFs). There is a lot of scare media out there at the […]

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