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Why locals pay less for some properties

Here is a little story about buyers from Brisbane and buyers from Melbourne trying to secure property in Sydney’s heady real estate market. Just before Christmas one year we had a client come to us after finding a property they liked in Rozelle. These buyers had recently moved to Sydney from Brisbane and, although renting in […]

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Negative gearing changes – Do property investors really need to fear a Labor election win?

Negative gearing changes, capital gains tax, superannuation are all under attack! Or are they? There has been a lot of fear-mongering going on in the lead up to this July’s Federal election and it seemed until last week that property investors needn’t worry because the Libs were most likely to return to power. But with recent […]

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Things to consider when buying a house – How to make sure you don’t buy within cooee of a noisy pub

What things to consider when buying a house? Most people would automatically think that living near a pub would be a bad thing. But not all pubs are created equal and in some suburbs they are hard to avoid. Local suburban pubs and clubs can be enormous with multiple bars and restaurants for every taste. […]

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When is a good time to buy property in Sydney?

The Sydney property market bounced back in February with clearance rates well over 70% after it spent the last couple of months of 2015 in the doldrums. Which leads to a question: is the market seasonal and when is a good time to buy property in Sydney? February can be a bit of a red herring […]

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Property Tax Changes: Do you need to panic?

Investment property owners – here we go again! Investment property owners have been once again branded as fat cats and negative gearing is under threat. And what do buyers do?  Well most don’t act like cats, they act like sheep!  I find property buyers fascinating. Over the past three years, Sydney buyers have been frenzied […]

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Sydney Market is Hot, Should I buy in Brisbane?

This is a question I get asked all the time by would-be property investors. Whenever the Sydney property market heats up, Brisbane starts looking like a good bet. People were asking it in 2013, in 2014 and now in 2015. I think we are all agreed, Sydney is experiencing unprecedented competition and this has resulted […]

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Sydney Property Market….Is the Only Way Up?

Wow! So many broken records in such a short time. This week the Reserve Bank dropped the official interest rate to a record low of 2%. This is on the back of a record Sydney auction clearance rate of 89% only last weekend. The previous record of 88.2% held its position for only a couple […]

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Giving Local – Do you know what’s going on in your neighbourhood?

It’s our business to know what’s going on in our neighbourhood of Sydney’s inner suburbs. We know how privileged and blessed we are to be able to afford and live in our own homes in this fabulous city. Yet despite living amongst some of the world’s most expensive real estate, if we take the time […]

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