Getting Started Session

To find the right property you must look in the right place

Do you want to buy a property – either to live in or for investment – yet don’t know how to start a property search? Or have you been looking for ages and getting nowhere? Would you like to fully understand your options so that you can get your search off on the right foot?

There are three elements to any property search (Property, Position, Price) and we find that typically every buyer needs to be more flexible in one area than the other two. Our Getting Started Session will help determine which “P” is the one for you to focus on.

We begin by asking you to complete a wish list and then we’ll do all the research before we meet for your personalised session.

We’ll discuss what you could have bought over the previous 3 months. Then we will systematically work through each of those three “Ps” so that you can clearly identify what is most important to you and the areas in which you’ll be prepared to compromise. And if you are buying with a partner you’ll really benefit from the perspective we will bring to the table!

At the end of your session you will have clarity about about what type of property you can buy, where you will find it and how much to spend. It’s an incredibly powerful process and will save you months of your own time and research. You’ll have the focus and direction needed to find and buy the right property. Now, that’s how to start a property search.

Here are some reviews of recent Getting Started Sessions.

“It was great to meet you today and I found the whole experience really brought me out of the doldrums of “everything’s out of my reach” into a more positive mindset. I think you really understood our brief and have made some excellent suggestions for us to explore… Thanks for your advice, I already feel much calmer about the whole process.”

“Settled in to our place now, we sometimes sit back and pinch ourselves that the dream home that we never thought was attainable is our place of residence now. Buying a house is certainly a rollercoaster of emotions and we are confident that without Good Deeds guidance in the whole process we would potentially be in a different situation now. Starting with a Getting Started Session, the painful realisation dawned that what was affordable for our budget (in a particularly hot property market at the time) was worlds apart from what we thought we could find. This exercise enabled us to narrow down our search criteria and avoid unnecessary costs and heartache from bidding on properties outside of our reach.”

“Thank you for meeting us today. Lots of food for thought here and lots to consider. Reality shocks are good and we welcome them and like you said, even though it was hard to hear, at least it helped us close a chapter and focus on the possibilities that other suburbs may have in store for us if we decide to go with that path.”

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