Andrew & Trang, Enmore

Engaging Good Deeds was one of the best decisions we ever made. Before that, we had spent countless weekends searching for a new home and had been outbid and disappointed at auction. Veronica and her team took away the hard work, added in their considerable knowledge and experience, and made the whole search enjoyable again.

They helped us clarify what our needs really were, and took the time to understand us as a family and what we wanted in a home – so much more than just a property. Over many months, they guided us through the positives and negatives of many properties, and gave us solid and well-researched valuations that we could trust. Along our journey, their advice stopped us from proceeding with one property that ultimately proved unsuitable, and ensured we walked away from another when the bidding went too high. The information and guidance they gave enabled us to make decisions like this with confidence.

And because they have dealt with so many of the sales agents before, and from their own past experience as sales agents, they were able to deal with vendor agents as equals in a way that we would never be able to.

When it came to the final property, the one we now call home, within a short space of time they helped us weigh up the factors, sourced an architect to ensure our future plans were feasible, researched and settled upon a solid valuation, advised a pre-auction offer strategy, and successfully negotiated the purchase for a really great price.

On the day of the largest purchase we have ever made, we were struck by how relaxed and confident and happy we felt, in stark contrast to how property purchase has felt in the past.

Since then, they’ve also helped us find a sales agent to sell our previous home and an interior designer to help set up our new one. We trusted their recommendations and were really happy with the outcome.

It was a genuine pleasure to work with Veronica and the team, and even our kids were sad to see the process come to an end. Next time we want to buy a property we know we only need to make one phone call.

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Free e-book for Owner Occupiers

7 Steps To Buy Your Dream Home

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