Doug & Trudie, Balmain

From a difficult “West Connex” situation, Good Deeds in particular has turned what has been a pretty harrowing 8 month period into one that holds good for the future after tracking down and assisting us to purchase a house we probably believed we could never own in Sydneys Inner West.

Good Deeds was an absolute delight to work with throughout the process. Their professionalism, knowledge of the local market and upbeat, supportive approach has made the journey a lot less stressful than we could have imagined. To know that Good Deeds was “in our corner” all the way to auction was very reassuring.

We can thoroughly recommend Good Deeds to anyone who is time short or just new to a particular area and who wants solid, honest advice.

It’s been great knowing you guys, thank you once again for all your help.

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