Jen and Gareth, Ashfield

It’s great having someone to do the house inspections (it can free up your Saturdays!) as well as the due diligence and they had excellent recommendations for all the other services you need. For me, a really big difference was the accurate pricing of the property. It’s so different to RP data or what the real estate agent says. Having the accurate property pricing allowed us to think about what we would pay for the property a week before the auction and to work out what it was worth to us. Our property went for our maximum bid which was exactly what it was priced at. Whilst it was a bit daunting, it made be feel confident we had paid a fair price. It also helped that Good Deeds was amazing at the auction. Even the real estate agent was impressed.

The best part is, we had bought in 3 months after signing up with Good Deeds. Prices go up quickly in Sydney’s Inner West. I hate to think where we would have ended up if we did it ourselves. We would probably still be spending every Saturday inspecting house, while prices would have gone up $60-100k. Getting Good Deed’s onboard has definitely saved us money (and our sanity). We now have a great family home as well as a good investment.

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