Sue, Annandale

I had done mountains of my own research in the inner west and through that process, I was fairly clear about what I wanted in a home. I thought I was confident and had the skills to be a good buyer having bought an investment property a few years previously, but I found that buying a HOME for me – was a very different thing.

I had churned many hours, emotional energy and also spent a decent amount of money on bids and did not enjoy the intensity, the process and failing! I accepted that I didn’t have the time, experience or nerve left to focus on buying a home, and it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon without help. I wanted an outcome. I invested in professional help.

After interviewing 3 Buyer’s Agents, I chose Veronica Morgan and to help me achieve this major goal – to secure the perfect home for me and my cat. I was confident that Veronica had understood me as a person, evaluated my needs, wants and tastes and capacity.

I was one of those “highly motivated” clients – and was focused, prepared and I had all my “ducks in a row”, which made it easier for Veronica and the team to negotiate a very aggressive and competitive purchase. It was fast and intense! We had to be open and communicative and responsive – to trust that a property was worth investigating – and be decisive about strategy and price.

After being presented with a comprehensive report on recent sales on comparable properties – I trusted the experience of these industry professionals – and as – as it sounds – I now own a home that I thought was only in my dreams!

The reality is – that without Good Deeds working with me and FOR ME, I could have churned away for a long, long time trying to buy a property by myself. The best strategy for success – to buy the right property for me, was investing in the expertise and support of Veronica Morgan and the Good Deeds team.

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