Individual Property Evaluation & Negotiation Service

Don't buy the wrong property. Don't pay too much.

You’re not sure if what the agent is saying is fact or fiction… You don’t want to miss out but you don’t want to appear too keen and pay too much. You are worried about going to auction and want to make a bid now, but not sure how to go about it. Do you know how to negotiate the best deal under these circumstances?

The devil is in the detail.

These are common thoughts that run through the mind of a purchaser once they have set their sights on a particular property. We can help you work out what you should pay, uncover any nasty little surprises and give you an advantage with the negotiations.

Specifically, we’ll handle all agent communication, advise you on the pros and cons of the property, provide you with well a researched price recommendation, undertake the due diligence and negotiate the deal. We also know how to master auctions, so you really will be in excellent hands.

You get the benefit of our experience, research, market insights and negotiation skills, combined with a coordinated buying strategy. Even more importantly, if there are issues with this property that you need to know about, we’ll find out about them before you buy (or not, as the case may be) so that you can make your decision with your eyes wide open.

Throughout the process you will become informed, giving you the confidence to make good decisions about this property.

Here are some reviews of our Evaluation & Negotiation Service:

“We are still in shock that we bought a beautiful house before auction, and for far less than we otherwise would have forked out.”

“We found a potential home less than 2 weeks from an auction and gave Good Deeds extreme short notice for due diligence and price research. This was completed in more than enough time for us to be confidently ready for auction. Veronica and the team then took control at the auction and secured the property for a price that fell within their range.

This kept their amazing track record of extremely accurate pricing of some 10 properties for us at 100%. To get this real pricing picture rather than the inevitable under-valued estimates that agents give allows for sound investment decisions and helps take the emotion out of the purchase. We would recommend Good Deeds to anyone looking to enter the property market, especially those who like us live overseas.”

“They undertook an incredibly comprehensive evaluation of the property and had reports available for us to review and discuss within days. Good Deeds had also inspected the property and gave us excellent feedback on some of the properties negative points that we should consider to ensure it ticked all of our boxes. This was great as we had a tendency to view potential houses through rose tinted glasses. They negotiated with the selling agents directly (much to our relief) and due to their credibility and outstanding reputation were able to remove the emotional attachment from the transaction and keep it business to business.”

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