Limited Property Search Service

Alternatively, Good Deeds Property Buyers offer a more affordable option for those clients who enjoy searching for and inspecting properties.

This is a partial management of your property search, where you search for properties and do the initial inspections and we, at Good Deeds Property Buyers, are on call to inspect any properties that you may be even vaguely interested in buying.  We would then conduct any assessment, analysis and bidding/negotiation that is required until you buy the right property at the right price.

Once you have made the initial property inspection, Good Deeds Property Buyers will be the only agent you need to deal with, we will manage and co-ordinate with selling agents, building inspectors, lawyers, valuers, strata managers, property managers and other professional advisers.

Our Limited Property Search Service includes;

  • Initial consultation where we gain an in-depth understanding of your property requirements and give advice on your search parameters
  • Inspection of properties that you could be interested in buying after you have made an initial inspection
  • Assessment of each property against your requirements
  • Communication with selling agents
  • Tell you about any suitable “quiet” listings that we find out about
  • Investment and pricing analysis
  • Purchase strategy, bidding and/or negotiation
  • Coordinate pre-purchase due diligence
  • Make property management recommendations where needed
  • Pre-settlement inspections

We will manage the entire buying process for you once you have identified a suitable property, allowing you to be involved as much or as little as you like and maintain objectivity through the process.

Once we have had a conversation with you (and preferably met) to discuss your property search, we will provide you with a quote. Our fee is fixed, and not contingent on the purchase price. There is no time limit on this service.

If you decide at a later stage to upgrade to our Comprehensive Property Search Service, you can upgrade for an additional fee.  With our full search service we will conduct all the initial searches and you only need to inspect a property after we have assessed and recommended it.

Good Deeds Property Buyers will work with you until you have the right property at the right price.

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