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Our service is not for everyone. If you are a buyer who is happy to play a game where you are not familiar with the rules and you know nothing about your opponents – if you are prepared to play that game and live with whatever the outcome is with no regrets – then you don’t need us.

If, on the other hand, you don’t like being unmatched in negotiations, if you want to know the full story before you buy, if you want to be guided and protected from your own human frailties (we all have them and they drive us all more than we like to admit), then our service is exactly what you need. Call us for a chat on 02 9555 5206.


The values we live by are CARE, RESPECT and INTEGRITY. These values underpin everything that we do.

Our goal is to give you the confidence to buy the right property at the right price and we are very proud of our results:

  • 93% of our clients are VERY comfortable with the property they bought. 7% are comfortable (making a total of 100%!)*
  • 74% of our clients are VERY comfortable with the price they paid. 26% are comfortable. This is no mean feat given the recent Sydney property boom!*

We would love nothing more than to help you too.

* Total survey respondents 2015, 2016, 2017

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Good Deeds gave me excellent service and had to gallop to the finish due to an unexpected change by the vendor. It would have been completely impossible to achieve the result I got without them. I mean that – completely impossible!

Joan, Lavender Bay

Your in depth knowledge of the trends and history of the areas that we were looking at was invaluable. The detailed background information on the properties that we were considering was extremely useful and I wouldn’t have known where to start in sourcing that myself.

Kim & Kai, Potts Point

Working with Good Deeds has proven to be one of the best investments we have made. We found a potential home less than 2 weeks from an auction and gave Good Deeds extreme short notice for due diligence and price research.

Fiona & Steve, Birchgrove

We were passionate about this apartment and work you did assessing our property gave us a very good sense of its value in such a volatile market.

Elizabeth & Rob, Kirribilli

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