Buying a property off plan or brand new


When buying a property off plan or brand new the thought of being the first to live in a property can be pretty tempting. But what are the pitfalls?
History is the often the best predictor of future performance when it comes to property values. So it will be hard to gauge which properties and developments are likely to offer the best growth.

Here’s what else you can’t tell with a brand new building:
• Quality of the build (the faults will not have yet revealed themselves)
• Quality of finishes and the way they will wear
• Natural light (unless it is complete)
• Future warranty claims and possible legal battles
• How the building will be accepted/regarded by buyers in the long run
• How tightly held the building will be
• What percentage of apartments the developer will hold onto and whether they will flood the market in 5 years time

So should look into buying a property off plan?  You may find you get better value in a nearby building which is only a few years old…

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Published:- 28 January, 2010


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