Cost to fix up a house? – Sort out those irritating things in your new home before you get used to them

It’s a common story. You bought a home with some decorating feature that you thought you couldn’t live with and intended to change immediately. A common question is what is the cost to fix up a house?

But life got in the way and 5 years down the track you still have those gaudy orange sunflower tiles in the bathroom, or that hideous forest green laminate bench in the kitchen. In fact, it’s now your forest green laminate and not so unbearable.

It is amazing how easy these things become to live with once your boxes have been unpacked. I think the saddest thing we see is when home owners end up being blind to these features, only to be reminded of their unsightliness by their real estate agent when it comes their turn to sell. So they finally make those cosmetic changes, just in time for the new owners to enjoy!

Don’t have your new home look its best just before you sell it. Make the changes straightaway and enjoy the extra value that you have created. Remember you should enjoy your house and not just think about the cost to fix up a house.

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