How to choose a good real estate agent?

Selling agents, these guys are usually great at their job (these guys are usually, in fact, girls). They are great at lessening your pain threshold when it comes to parting with your money. After all, we buy from those we like. So how to choose a good real estate agent?

These are the agents who return your calls, answer your questions with sensible answers, even follow you up after you have inspected a property. These are the agents who are very skilful at encouraging you to make offers, register and bid, even pay more than the asking price.

So here’s a thought, maybe you will save money by persisting with those agents that annoy you, irritate you and generally give agents a bad name. After all, there will be plenty of other buyers who will avoid dealing with them, so possibly you could avoid some competition.

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Published:-  8 Oct 2009


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