Buying off market property in Sydney – is it worth it?

Buying off market property is an ongoing trend. You might recall on my earlier blog I chatted about how to find & buy an off market house because the reality is they’re becoming more and more sought after, especially here in Sydney.  And now, I want to help you figure out if buying off-market property is worth it.

Many of the off market properties we buy here at Good Deeds are tenanted investment properties. When an owner decides to sell, the agent usually advises them that they need to present the property in its best light – which means getting the tenant to move out! Most of the time a tenant requires 90 days notice to vacate and this could be longer if they are in a lease. By the time you add in the time it takes to paint, re-carpet and furnish the place, you’d be lucky if you have sold before 4 months has passed. The alternative is to put the property on for sale “quietly” in the meantime.

The other off market properties we tend to see are from owner-occupier sellers that have told their agent; “if you can get me a crazy price then knock yourself out”. The seller hasn’t had to go through the ordeal of styling their property, making repairs, painting, gardening and all the final touches needed when they embark on a full marketing campaign. Sure, some crazy prices have been achieved but also some simply don’t sell.

Here at Good Deeds we still run through every check and every price comparison to make sure buying off-market property is right for our client. It’s essential not to get caught up in the hype and miss doing your checks when buying off market property.

Sure, from a buyer’s perspective, a home appears more “honest” because it’s not tarted up for sale (sometimes referred to as lipstick on a pig). On the downside, you will probably have an immediate task list to attend to once you settle to freshen up the place. So take off the rose-coloured glasses when buying off market property and really check if this is the right place for you.

Here’s one off market investment property we bought for a young family





Natalie & David have a busy family life and they had us find them a great investment property in the inner-city suburb of Erskineville, Sydney.

“The service we received was excellent value for money and we believe they easily saved us the cost of their fees in the purchase price.”

Thanks again Good Deeds, we are so very happy we signed up for your service. It more than paid for itself in the property we ended up buying.

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Published: 8 March 2017

Updated: 30 May 2018

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