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How do banks value property and how to work out if you need a bank valuation

Recently we had a client who wanted help with knowing how do banks value property.   The client’s lending manager said they needed a bank valuation to get unconditional finance approval but that they first needed to exchange contracts so that the valuation can come in at contract price. Hmmm, not ideal. On two counts – […]

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Do you know when you need to get a bank valuation?

It seems to me that most people have no idea whether they need to get a bank valuation before they buy a property. Some people think they do because their broker told them they do. Others think they don’t because the bank will just take the auction price as the valuation figure. What on earth […]

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Financial position – Why knowing your position can save you money

Recently there was quite a bit of press about the banks tightening up their lending practises, particularly when it comes to loans for first homes and investment properties. Within weeks we started hearing stories of people whose financial position and budgets were suddenly reduced because they were not able to borrow as much as they […]

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Veronica’s 8 Rules for buying property

Over many years in the real estate business, Veronica has brought and sold 100’s of properties.  With an extensive knowledge of buying property around the 10km radius of Sydney’s CBD property market, she is the go to person for all things property in the Inner West. These are her hot tips for buying property and staying […]

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