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Not All Sydney Property Prices Fall When The Market Slows

I originally wrote this blog back in 2014 when the last boom was still gaining momentum. Buyers at that time were missing out at auction and worried about paying too much at what they thought might have been the peak of the market. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, as we all know now that it […]

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How to Make the Most of your Borrowing Power When Every Dollar Counts

Over the past year we have seen the Australian lending landscape change for property buyers. APRA restrictions have been making it increasingly difficult for investors to access funds and this has now had a flow on effect to owner occupiers. Banks and other lenders are scrutinizing all applications and this means that expenses we didn’t […]

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Capital growth or yield? Which will make you rich?

When it comes to giving investment property advice, I am a firm believer in QUALITY property, not quantity and capital growth is always my primary objective. I really don’t see the point in building a portfolio of properties that deliver high rents yet fail to grow in value. (I will put in a caveat, however: […]

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How to make money faster: positive cash flow or capital growth?

I want to cry every time I meet a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Gen Y who tells me that they are madly in the acquisition phase of their Positive Cash Flow Property Investment Strategy. I positively want to howl when I meet a Gen Xer hanging onto the same dream. Expecting any property investment strategy to quickly turn […]

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How to choose the best property for capital growth

I have a real issue with property spruikers claiming to know the next hot spot, the inference being that if you buy in these areas you will automatically be making a great investment decision. Particularly as there are so many would-be investors who are trying to identify the next big location in their hopes of […]

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