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Not All Sydney Property Prices Fall When The Market Slows

Now, more than ever, you must choose quality over quantity when buying property.

But, the big question is do you know how to spot an underperformer? There are certain criteria that will hold a property back when it comes time to sell and we want you to avoid buying a low performer at all costs!

Read on to understand what NOT to buy and how to pick a premium property.

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How do banks value property and how to work out if you need a bank valuation

Recently we had a client who wanted help with knowing how do banks value property.   The client’s lending manager said they needed a bank valuation to get unconditional finance approval but that they first needed to exchange contracts so that the valuation can come in at contract price. Hmmm, not ideal. On two counts – […]

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When is the best time to buy property in Sydney?

If you haven’t asked this question yourself, I bet you have heard it asked – “When is the best time to buy property in Sydney?” And the classic answer is: “20 years ago”. However, even if you did buy 20 years ago, you could still ask the question, since by now you should have plenty […]

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When is a good time to buy property in Sydney?

The Sydney property market bounced back in February with clearance rates well over 70% after it spent the last couple of months of 2015 in the doldrums. Which leads to a question: is the market seasonal and when is a good time to buy property in Sydney? February can be a bit of a red herring […]

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Financial position – Why knowing your position can save you money

Recently there was quite a bit of press about the banks tightening up their lending practises, particularly when it comes to loans for first homes and investment properties. Within weeks we started hearing stories of people whose financial position and budgets were suddenly reduced because they were not able to borrow as much as they […]

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Buying a house in a seller’s market

Last year I wrote a piece on the property cycle and how it looked as if we were moving into a hot market – my advice then was to buy before the heat hit.  Unfortunately, our often conservative human nature holds us back when things are slow and the market feels unsure so I don’t blame […]

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