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How to avoid selling the wrong property

Should I sell my investment property now the boom is over? APRA & The Royal Commission into Banking have impacted the lending practices of the major banks in Australia and many would-be buyers are surprised to find that their access to funds has been severely curtailed. Now that money is harder to come by it’s […]

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Is it worth getting a buyers agent? Yes, if you get one who knows more than you do.

Part of my role as co-host of Location Location Location Australia is to promote the advantages of engaging a buyers agent. But I must stress that not all buyers agents are equal, so it’s fair to ask: is it worth getting a buyers agent? I have recently heard about a few other “buyers agents” or […]

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Location Location Location Australia: questions from around the country

After last Wednesday night’s episode of Location Location Location Australia I was on The Lifestyle Channel’s Facebook page answering viewers questions about buying and selling property. There were some themes in the questions and following is a sum-up of my answers. When it comes to investment, where are the best areas for capital growth? I […]

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