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How to avoid selling the wrong property even though it feels right

Should I sell my investment property now the boom is over? APRA & The Royal Commission into Banking have impacted the lending practices of the major banks in Australia and many would-be buyers are surprised to find that their access to funds has been severely curtailed. Now that money is harder to come by it’s […]

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Buying property guide price – How to know when you know enough to buy without paying too much

When I was a selling agent I learnt that buyers become experts in their price bracket for the period of time in which they are seriously looking for a property. They have an intimate knowledge of what they can get for their money in a way that a local real estate agent can’t. The agent […]

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Where are the best locations for investment properties?

Where are the best locations? We get asked this quite a lot while talking to investors and owner/occupiers alike. Our preference for investment location is as follows: Within a 10km radius (ideally 5km) of either Sydney or Melbourne’s CBD Suburbs with a village or cafe/shopping strip that attracts people both day and night Good transport options […]

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Sydney Market is Hot, Should I buy in Brisbane?

This is a question I get asked all the time by would-be property investors. Whenever the Sydney property market heats up, Brisbane starts looking like a good bet. People were asking it in 2013, in 2014 and now in 2015. I think we are all agreed, Sydney is experiencing unprecedented competition and this has resulted […]

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The Property Search Paradox

Why you need to be both open minded AND focused. In a hot market you need to be open minded about your property search area BUT focused at the same time! If you aren’t open minded you could possibly have unrealistic expectations about what you can get for your money and are likely to keep […]

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What not to buy in a Property Boom

When the property market is flat we find that a quality property in a good location will always find a buyer.  The properties that struggle are those that have major flaws or are in undesirable locations.  And this is because buyers have choice in a buyers market, so it stands to reason that they will […]

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Is it worth getting a buyers agent? Yes, if you get one who knows more than you do.

Part of my role as co-host of Location Location Location Australia is to promote the advantages of engaging a buyers agent. But I must stress that not all buyers agents are equal, so it’s fair to ask: is it worth getting a buyers agent? I have recently heard about a few other “buyers agents” or […]

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Seven steps to wise property investment

We are often asked about our approach to property investment. People love to hear about magic formulas and the secret to uncovering the next hotspot. I am afraid that it isn’t that simple! There are a lot of myths and dreams about property investment in this country and many people have an unerring sense of […]

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