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How to be a clever analyst of latest property news and the headlines

Recently, we interviewed property journalist Kirsten Craze on The Elephant in the Room property podcast. She was very revealing about the emotive nature of latest property news and specifically why the headlines can’t be relied upon. Kirsten brought along a series of latest property news headlines that had appeared in the space of a few […]

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How to make an offer on a house or apartment

Property buyers need to know how to make an offer on a house or apartment so that they don’t act too fast and overpay or, conversely, muck around and end up missing out to another buyer. The fundamental rule to follow under most circumstances is not to make an offer until you are ready to […]

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5 Golden Steps To Follow When Buying A Home

Recently Veronica chatted with Inside Out Magazine about the exact steps you need to take when buying a home or an investment property. You see we find many people haven’t spent the time following each step and come auction day things go pear-shaped rather quickly and they miss out on a great house. Here at Good […]

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How to avoid buying a rebound house after auction disappointment

Have you ever met someone who married on the rebound? It’s a messy situation and once they realise what’s happened their choice is either to make the best of it or get out. The same thing can happen with house hunters after they miss out on a home they really wanted. It’s a surprisingly common mistake and one that […]

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Making an offer: the sure fire way to avoid being gazumped

In a competitive property market, often buyers find themselves either trying to gazump or being gazumped. And with many people, the moral code is that gazumping is fine if you are the one doing the gazumping but unethical if you are the losing party! In NSW, if you have had an offer accepted on a […]

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The power of hindsight with your property

There is a saying I love: “never a mistake is made in hindsight”. This is so true because after the event we know all the answers.  This is the power of hindsight. All the things we wanted to know before making a decision are now out in the open.  When it comes to buying property, […]

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Financial position – Why knowing your position can save you money

Recently there was quite a bit of press about the banks tightening up their lending practises, particularly when it comes to loans for first homes and investment properties. Within weeks we started hearing stories of people whose financial position and budgets were suddenly reduced because they were not able to borrow as much as they […]

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How do you handle a “Sealed Bid” Scenario?

  When there is a lot of interest in a property it is not uncommon for the sales agent to call for “best and final” offers.  This is usually a “Sealed Bid” scenario.   The downside is that it is “sudden death”, the upside is that offers don’t get shopped around to all buyers. It’s […]

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