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How to be a clever analyst of latest property news and the headlines

Recently, we interviewed property journalist Kirsten Craze on The Elephant in the Room property podcast. She was very revealing about the emotive nature of latest property news and specifically why the headlines can’t be relied upon. Kirsten brought along a series of latest property news headlines that had appeared in the space of a few […]

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How to make an offer on a house or apartment

Property buyers need to know how to make an offer on a house or apartment so that they don’t act too fast and overpay or, conversely, muck around and end up missing out to another buyer. The fundamental rule to follow under most circumstances is not to make an offer until you are ready to […]

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7 most common home buyer mistakes that cost them in a buyers market

A buyers market presents all sorts of opportunities for property buyers. Sometimes, however, it disguises a whole lot of pitfalls for the unwitting buyer – the biggest one being the hidden danger of overpaying for a house. So here are the 7 most common home buyer mistakes that cost them in a buyers market. Really? I […]

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How do you make a pre auction offer?

A lot of buyers are really scared about going to auction because they fear being outbid or they’re just daunted by the prospect of performing in public. Now because of this, a lot want to make an offer prior to auction. They think this is the best way to go about it. So, how do […]

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How to decide when to make an offer before auction

Property buyers tend not to like auctions because they fear being outbid or they are daunted by the thought of having to perform in public. Often people prefer to try to make an offer before auction. But is this always the best strategy for a buyer? Here’s a sign to look for: if the sales […]

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Help bidding at auction – A behind the scenes look and what you need to know to win

Do you need help bidding at auction ?  Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and Lower North Shore are very auction oriented areas and there are certain rules of the game that you need to bear in mind when buying in such markets. Firstly, you need to be aware of how a quoted price or price range comes […]

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Questions to ask when buying property?

Here at Good Deeds HQ we regularly get asked the same questions about buying and selling a property. Have you had one of these questions on your mind? What questions to ask when buying property? When it comes to investment, where are the best areas for capital growth? We like to play it safe with property investment […]

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The power of hindsight with your property

There is a saying I love: “never a mistake is made in hindsight”. This is so true because after the event we know all the answers.  This is the power of hindsight. All the things we wanted to know before making a decision are now out in the open.  When it comes to buying property, […]

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