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When should you make an offer on a property?

You’ve found the house of your dreams, you want to buy it, the agent seems receptive, you make an offer… And then nothing happens. You are in the dark and getting frustrated. Is your offer accepted or not? Has the agent even given it to the vendor? Are they using it to get another buyer […]

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How to choose a good buyers agent: 11 questions to ask

There’s been a bit of press of late about the rise and rise of buyers agents. In fact, I’ve been asked for comment for numerous stories on the topic over the past few months. Of course, given the heat in the property market over these last few years, it should come as no surprise that […]

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Is free advice from a buyers agent worth it?

There are a bunch of selling agents out there starting to call themselves buyers agents. They say that they can help buyers for free – even if the property you want to buy isn’t listed by their agency. How can they do this? Is engaging a buyers agent worth it if you can get the […]

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How to find a good buyers agent: ask a selling agent

More and more people are deciding to engage expert help from buyers agents when it comes to buying real estate. It certainly makes sense since property is one of the most complex and expensive things most people will ever buy. It’s inevitable then that increasing numbers of property buyers are trying to work out how […]

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Bidding at auction – Is it best to have somebody else bid on your behalf?

Bidding at auction, particularly real estate auctions, can be terrifying, especially if you have your heart set on buying the property. Even worse in a hot market when prices are rising almost on a daily basis. Many buyers, left to their own devices get scared off by aggressive bidders and stop bidding prematurely. Many others […]

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How to bid at auction: when is the property “On the Market”?

Most auctioneers these days don’t use the words “on the market” during an auction, so you often hear buyers calling out, asking “is the property on the market yet?” Auctioneers don’t like buyers expecting them to announce when the price has climbed higher than the reserve because they want you bidding BEFORE it hits the […]

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Is it worth getting a buyers agent? Yes, if you get one who knows more than you do.

Part of my role as co-host of Location Location Location Australia is to promote the advantages of engaging a buyers agent. But I must stress that not all buyers agents are equal, so it’s fair to ask: is it worth getting a buyers agent? I have recently heard about a few other “buyers agents” or […]

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Interesting auction bidding tactics – do they work?

Sydney dinner party conversations often drift to auction bidding tactics. There are many common tricks such as waiting until the property is “on the market” before bidding, but they are all a bit predictable. Time to get more creative! For instance, it might seem insane to bid against yourself at auction, but what makes it […]

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