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7 ways you can lose money in property

It may seem strange for a buyers agent to say this, but you can lose money in property. And not just when the market slows down – but at any time. There’s a report that comes out every three months by Corelogic and it’s called the “Pain & Gain Report”. That’s right, PAIN and gain. […]

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How much can you trust a Real Estate Agent?

Lets talk about the Elephant in the Room: can you trust a real estate agent? I’ve been working on an exciting project over the last couple of months, it’s a podcast that explores buyer behaviour and we’ve been interviewing sales agents and auctioneers to find out the specific strategies and tactics they employ to influence […]

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The Embarrassed Buyer Syndrome: Causing a Real Estate Buyers Market

Have you ever been in a designer store and really wanted to ask for the price of an item of clothing but were too shy? I have. And it’s all because if it turns out to be too expensive, I don’t want to let on that I might not be able to afford it. It’s […]

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How to decode auction price guides to get a competitive edge

Auction underquoting and auction price guides have been a hot topic of conversation in real estate circles in NSW and Victoria recently, with changes to the law and public crackdowns on some high profile agents. Auction price guides have always caused stress with buyers for a number of reasons, largely because they don’t know how to […]

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Will Sydney house prices fall? Has the market reached its peak?

“Will Sydney house prices fall? How long can this market keep running for?”.  For the past 12 months or so this foremost question has been on most Sydney property buyers lips.  The same question has been the topic of much media commentary and expert opinion yet there has been no consensus. Simply put; while consumer […]

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How to use statistics when buying property

Regular readers will know that I am very wary of using statistics in property decisions. Why? Because they can be inaccurate and misleading (usually no two sources agree). And because they can be manipulated. And then they can be slow to accurately reflect what is actually happening in the market (we see changes pretty much […]

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