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How to make sure your renovation makes a profit.

  Before you jump into an expensive exercise like renovating have a read of this. Renovating a property is a risky business.  With the entry and exit costs so high as well as the purchase price and build costs, it has the potential of becoming a money pit. We are seeing fewer people getting back […]

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How to spot a property that has been renovated to sell

I guess the first question to ask is: does it matter whether a property has been specifically renovated to sell? In my experience, more often than not the answer is yes. Especially given the popularity of amateur renovation shows on TV and the amount of people signing up for courses teaching them how to renovate […]

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Why it is easier to NOT make a profit than it is to make a profit from renovating.

Renovating a property is a risky business, particularly since the entry and exit costs are so high, never mind the purchase price and build costs. In recent years we are seeing fewer and fewer people getting back a dollar in increased value for every dollar they spend. This may be fine if you are renovating […]

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