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Not All Sydney Property Prices Fall When The Market Slows

Now, more than ever, you must choose quality over quantity when buying property.

But, the big question is do you know how to spot an underperformer? There are certain criteria that will hold a property back when it comes time to sell and we want you to avoid buying a low performer at all costs!

Read on to understand what NOT to buy and how to pick a premium property.

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How to make the most out of the Sydney spring property market

I look forward to spring every year for some obvious and some not-so-obvious reasons. The warmer days, longer evenings, budburst and blossoms seem to get everybody in a good mood. And then there is the increased activity in the spring property market as we gear up for the annual “selling season”. This will be my […]

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When is the best time to buy property in Sydney?

If you haven’t asked this question yourself, I bet you have heard it asked – “When is the best time to buy property in Sydney?” And the classic answer is: “20 years ago”. However, even if you did buy 20 years ago, you could still ask the question, since by now you should have plenty […]

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Here is why you need to be careful buying property in September

Sydney property buyers beware of September! Let’s face it, it’s been pretty difficult for property buyers in Sydney over the past few years and the beginning of spring is the trickiest time of all! You see, September brings the perfect storm for real estate agents: when low winter stock levels and extreme FOMO collide. Buyers […]

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Make sure you get what you think you are buying

This is a story about a property search I did in an episode of Location Location Location Australia. We were searching for a sea change home in Byron Bay for “farmer Dave” and found a strata property in a small complex of five villas. Inside, the layout and condition were pretty simple and functional and suited his needs […]

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Price is what you pay – Value is what you get

Warren Buffett is an American investor, industrialist, and philanthropist. He is widely regarded as one of the most successful investors in the world (ref:Wiki). “Price is what you pay, value, is what you get” is one of his many wise sayings. And this principal applies with property, just as much as it does with the share market. […]

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Why locals pay less for some properties

Here is a little story about buyers from Brisbane and buyers from Melbourne trying to secure property in Sydney’s heady real estate market. Just before Christmas one year we had a client come to us after finding a property they liked in Rozelle. These buyers had recently moved to Sydney from Brisbane and, although renting in […]

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Questions to ask when buying property?

Here at Good Deeds HQ we regularly get asked the same questions about buying and selling a property. Have you had one of these questions on your mind? What questions to ask when buying property? When it comes to investment, where are the best areas for capital growth? We like to play it safe with property investment […]

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