I know you’ve already spoken to James about our decision not to go ahead with [the property]. I, however, wanted to write and say thank you! When you asked me yesterday to think about what was causing the fear I was feeling I knew right away that it wasn’t the big decision of it all, it was the actual house. For some reason I needed someone else (you) to ask me that question to finally understand the weird nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach. So thank you! The nagging is gone and I feel totally confident we’ve done the right thing. [It] is a great house – it’s just not for us.
And also, thank you for helping James and I get to this point. We’ve learned a lot through the process of what we do and do not want and what we should be doing going forward.

Linda & James, Sydney

Despite missing out on the property, we were extremely grateful for the service you and your team provided. Having an independent valuation, research and advice was so important to the decision making process and worth every penny. Leaving the stress of bidding up to you was also big weight of our minds. We feel that you enabled us to put our best foot forward without overpaying and has meant we have no major regrets about missing out (obviously we’d have loved to get it!)

Jeremy & Kate, Sydney

I got a good deal on great property in an absolutely brutal market. I can definitely say I would have bought a different inferior property without Good Deeds’ involvement in the process which could not be as good for me long term.

Thank you so much for taking the time to challenge my (often incorrect) assumptions and get the best for me, in spite of my lack of experience!

I would definitely work with good Deeds again on my next property purchase and have already recommended you to friends.

Kevin, Camperdown

Thanks again for all your help. I honestly have no idea how people do all this without experienced people like you and your team in their corner. It’s been a real pleasure working with you, and hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m coming to you ready to go again!

Diya, Redfern

We used Good Deeds in our recent purchase and are totally delighted with the successful outcome. Their honesty and realistic price guidance was refreshing. Michelle’s auction bidding skills were impressive and removed the pressure from us.

Russell & Paula, Balmain

Dear Dean,
Thank you so much for your hard work and negotiating skills in obtaining the house for me.  You stopped me from rushing in and offering too much money and ensured I paid a fair price for the house I had my heart set on.
I’m very glad I used Good Deeds to do the due diligence and negotiating for the purchase of this house.  It saved me a great deal of time and stress and facilitated the whole negotiating process which meant I could buy before auction.
By using Good Deeds as my buyer’s agent I was able to buy the house I wanted prior to auction at a fair price. They took the stress and worry out of the whole process.

Sue, Balmain

We left a unique, quirky home in the UK. We lived on a houseboat on the Thames which we loved to come and live near our grandchildren. Rachael and Veronica helped us find another quirky home here in Sydney – we now live in the canopy over Tunks Park. Without the help of Good Deeds we would still be floundering. The time and energy Rachael and Veronica gave to us made us feel we were their only clients. The advice given both in finding our new home and in the transaction period was worth every cent paid.

Annie & Graham, Northbridge
Thanks again! It’s a great place and a great result. Thank you both for everything: the research, the running around, the insight and the thoughtful advice, for keeping me on track and asking me the right questions. For rescuing this property from my reject pile! And to top it off, for the most entertaining auction ever. Veronica I love the way you took over control of the pace of it, really masterful, and really fun to watch.
Andrew, Leichhardt

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